The Danube slope

It is organized every first weekend of the month
The two-day weekend stay on the Danube

Offer description

Day 1

The guests gather at 9.30 AM at the Štrand beach in Novi Sad where the catamaran, the Floating Island, is anchored. After a quick training in canoe and kayak rowing, at 10 AM the Danube Slope begins. The boats flow down the Danube with the catamaran right behind them. The boats pass under the bridge of Kamenica, the Petrovaradin Fortress, the bridges of Novi Sad and by the river mouth of the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal, the boats row near the left side of the Danube shore. They also pass by the Koviljski rit, Subić river island and Majmunac river island. At the Bird Branch, across Sremski Karlovci, is where we take a short break. The rowing continues down the shore by the Burma, which is the name of the entrance into the Koviljski rit, beneath the Beška bridge. At the entrance of the Gardinovački dunavac, the catamaran is anchored to willows on the Krčedin river island. This is where we have lunch. After the lunch break, the rowing continues through the Gardinovački dunavac, Ločki dunavac, around the Slankamen river island all the way to the river mouth of Tisa and Danube. After taking pictures at the river mouth, we cross the Danube and finish the trip for the day in Slankamen. In the čarda, dinner, sleeping arrangements and breakfast are organized.

Day 2

After breakfast, at 9.30 AM, the Danube Slope continues. The rowers pass by the shore which is across Surduk and Belegiš. At the Banovci river island, the catamaran stops for a lunch break. The rowing then continues to Batajnica. Before reaching Zemun, we cross the Danube and row on the right side of the shore. After visiting the Zemun quay and War Island, the catamaran reaches the Kalemegdan Fortress. The Danube Slope ends at the Nebojša Tower at about 7 PM.

Rowing difficulty:very easy, down the Danube with the accompaniment of the catamaran, on which you can rest

What to wear:sportswear, comfortable clothing, sweaters, jackets