Iron Gate river DANUBE

The Iron Gates and Danube Caves

Danube, also known as Donau or Istros, as it flows to the Black Sea, passes through the Iron Gates Gorge, leaving the Pannonian Plain behind. Through a mountain massif in the Carpathian mountains of Romania and Severni Kučaj in Serbia, the Danube has gouged one on the largest, most beautiful and longest river canyons in Europe - the Iron Gates Gorge.


From the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade, transportation by a comfortable minibus, is arranged to Donji Milanovac, a town on the Danube. A half-board type dinner and an overnight stay at the Hotel Lepenski vir is also provided.


After breakfast at the hotel, the minibus drives to the village Dobra (1021 km), where the Floating Island catamaran is anchored with canoes and all appropriate equipment. After a short training, the canoe paddling starts through the Iron Gates Gorge with the catamaran right behind. After an hour of paddling, we come to a whirlpool called Gospođin vir (1011.5 km) where the Danube narrows to 210 m and ships can only pass alternately. There, the Danube is surrounded by steep, vertical, smooth cliffs and despite the fact that there is no flow, the water simply boils. Powerful whirlpools are created, which makes the rowing extremely interesting, while the surrounding cliffs create a tense atmosphere. Whirlpools stem from enormous depths, as much as 82 m, which is lower than the level of the Black Sea.

After the Gospođin vir, the Danube spreads, but the coast is still steep, inaccessible. Paddling a canoe in these conditions is a challenge, which makes it interesting and quite an adventure. The Floating Island catamaran is behind the canoes during the entire paddling tour. There is about 3.5 to 4 hours of paddling before reaching the archaeological site Lepenski vir (1004 km), on the right side, but high above level of the Danube( The paddlers then board the catamaran where they have lunch while enjoying a panoramic sail to Donji Milanovac (991km). Tha catamaran docks at the river Poreč (998km). With the escort of the guide, the minibus takes us to visit the Lepenski vir Museum and Rajko's Cave.

Dinner and an overnight accomodation are arranged.


The day starts with breakfast followed by a drive in a minibus, which takes us to the river Porecka where The Floating Island is anchored. After boarding, we sail for less than an hour to the entrance of Veliki Kazan. The paddling tour stars near the village of Golubinje. We paddle next to the steep, inaccessible coast where the Danube becomes narrow.

After half an hour of paddling, before the entrance to Veliki Kazan, the paddlers reach the first cave of the Danube. It is small, but since it can only be reached by canoe or kayak, it represents quite a challenge for any paddler. The cave is about 20-30m long and being so narrow, the paddlers have to enter one by one. The entrance is small but upon entering, the arch expands thus creating a mythical and mysterious atmosphere.

The paddling continues towards the entrance of Veliki Kazan. The entrance is quite impressive because the Danube narrows down to 170 - 210 m. The banks are very steep and the cliffs are over 700m in height. Because of its great depth, of up to 70m, the Danube creates whirlpools making canoeing there extremely exciting and challenging.

Upon entering Veliki Kazan, the paddling continues along the Romanian coast. Steep banks, over 300m high, make the paddling exciting and the quiet, calm rivers fulfill the serene atmosphere. After half an hour of paddling and entering Veliki Kazan on the Romanian coast, the Danube has carved a great cave in the cliffs. The entrance is quite large, allowing even fishing boats to enter. After entering the cave, it showcases its magnificence.

The height of the arch, the gloom, the murmur and the air flowing from the darkness where the cave disappears, make this experience unforgettable. After about 30m from the entrance, in the half-light another wonderful creation can be seen. A small sand beach. Boats gather there, torches are lit and paddling takes place in the dark...

After ten minutes of paddling through Veliki Kazan, we come across another cave. It is a few meters above the level of Danube, but it posseses an impressive arch. The Cave was originally a refuge since the ancient times. Later, it was used by all the armies that have controlled Danube from that area.

After leaving Veliki Kazan, everyone has lunch on the anchored catamaran. The paddling then continues for a period of about half an hour until reaching the entrance of Mali Kazan. The Danube narrows down again and the paddlers can enjoy unusual and inaccessible areas which are also quite serene. The rowing continues to the famous Trajan's Tablet where the catamaran is waiting for everyone.

The Floating Island takes us back to Donji Milanovac, going back the same way which we came by paddling. The Catamaran docks in the river Porecka and guests drive by minibus back to Donji Milanovac. After a tour of the city, everyone goes to the hotel where they have dinner and stay the night.


Breakfast. In the morning transfer with minibus to the airport Nikola Tesla.

Map of the Danube where the paddles paddling

The price includes:

  • Organized transport by minibus, airport-D.Milanovac-Airport *
  • Sailing and accompanying boat - catamaran
  • Renting canoes and equipment (oar, life jacket)
  • Accommodation in a Hotel with 3star, based on 3 nights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners
  • Two lunch on a catamaran in Djerdap Gorge (Iron Gate)
  • Transport by minibus hotel - catamaran - hotel, excursions
  • Accompanying by professional instructors and guides in English and German
  • Tickets for "Rajkova cave" and "The Lepenski vir"
  • Tickets to the National Park Djerdap
  • Tourist tax/li>
  • Paddling at the most attractive part of the Danube - Iron gate

Weight paddling: Easy

PRICE: 339 euros per person

Payment: 50% for reservation date, 50% on departure
The minimum number for realization the offer is 10, the maximum number of 12 guests
12% discount for dates in May and June 298 euros per person
* For organize your own transport to / from Donji Milanovac price is pless er person for 25 euros

The price does not include:

  • Drinks
  • International travel health insurance

NOTE: The first and the last day is not envisaged lunch. It is possible to have lunch at local restaurants by price 4-7 euros..

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