Kayaks for Sale

First time in Serbia offer from
" Tahe Marine Kayaks "
kayaks for recreation.

"WIND SOLO PE" - sa kormilom (krmicom)

Price: 1.185 €

"REVAL MINI LC PE " sa kormilom (krmicom)
Price : 1.175,00 €

"LIFESTYLE 494" - Price: from 1.530,00 €

"FIT 158 PE" - Price : 795 €

Price: from 1.890,oo €

Life should be lived

Daily tours

1. Strand - Love Island - Strand

By boat - Catamaran "Floating Island" sailing upstream on the Danube with lunch at Beocinska ada.

2. Strand - Bird backwater - Strand

We start the downhill paddling, lunch is arranged on the anchored boat "Floating Island", with a leisurely sailing upstream to the Strand.

Row with full wings

All day paddling tours

1. Bačka Palanka – Novi Sad

We sail from Backa Palanka till Novi Sad accompanied by catamaran "Floating island" with lunch on Šašić ada.

2. Novi Sad – Slankamen

We paddle from Novi Sad to Slankamena with lunch at Krčedinskoj Ada

Get to know the DANUBE to like it more

Short trips to the DANUBE

1. The Sunset on the "Novi Sad's Gate"

Day cruise on the Danube with watching the Petrovaradin fortress from water.

2. Sailing on the DANUBE

Several-hour day cruise on the Danube with watching Novi Sad from water.

3. School of the DANUBE

Intended for all ages, families with school children, young people

"REVAL MINI LC" - Price: from 1.850,00 €

"REVAL HV " - Price: from 1.920,00 €

"REVAL MIDI" - Price: from 1.930,00 €

"Tandem Mini" - Price: from 1.995,00 €

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